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Biography of PHI Health Center – Tetovo
PHI Health Center – Tetovo was established in 2005 with the division of the General Hospital Tetovo to the Clinical Hospital Tetovo and the Health Center Tetovo, based on the experiences and initiative of the WHO to provide an integrated approach to health care of the population.
As a public health institution, PHI Health Center Tetovo provides unity of preventive health care of the population of the city of Tetovo and the surrounding municipalities Bogovinje, Zelino, Tearce, Jegunovce, Brvenica, with approximately 200,000 inhabitants.
The organization of the work of the Home is based on the principles of availability, rationality and continuity of health care, as well as evidence-based medicine.

The home of the area on which it is established provides performance of:

– emergency medical care with home treatment

-preventive health care for preschool and school children up to 18 years of age

-preventive dental health care for children

– Specialized biochemical laboratory

-Emergency dental care

-polivalent patronage

– supply of medicines and auxiliary medical materials for performing the stated activities in the Home and

-health statistics

The main goal of the internal organization is to improve the quality and efficiency of health care of the population in accordance with the reform processes in the health sector, increasing the economy and freeing up the resources that can be used to introduce new forms and technologies in health care.

All this is based on modern management (planning, management and management) complementary to the concept of organization and management in the health system of the country where a degree of full, continuous, quality, efficient and rational preventive and consultative-specialist health care is achieved.

With the help of continuous medical education and continuous professional development through the standards for good medical practice and with the introduced appropriate economic and financial instruments, a greater degree of quality of health services is affected.
The aim of the new health policy is to maintain and improve health, prolong life and improve the quality of life of the individual and the general population.