Emergency medical care with home treatment

1) Emergency medical care with home treatment

2) Health care practices in the third shift, weeks and holidays

3) Emergency dental care

Work cycle: Indicates the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures necessary to eliminate the immediate danger to life and health, performing health services in the patient’s home – home treatment, providing health care in the third shift, weeks and holidays and indicating urgent dental care.

The service aims at round-the-clock care for emergency patients on call in the field, but also in the ambulances of the service.

The Service for PHI Health Center Tetovo in its activity covers the territories of the municipalities: Tetovo, Bogovinje, Zelino, Brvenica, Tearce and Jegunovce, about 200 000 inhabitants.
Within the Emergency Medical Service – Tetovo, 13 doctors and 23 nurses work.

The most common questions are:
• Is the person conscious?
• How does he breathe? (normal, hard, choking, not breathing)
• What symptoms do you feel?
• Is there pain and where?
• When did the trouble start? How long did it last?
• At what age is the person?
• Does the person have another illness, which therapy does he or she receive?

In addition to these basic questions, additional sub-questions can be asked.
The questions are asked in order to convey to the team what kind of intervention should be intervened and whether in addition to standard medical equipment there should be a special one.

If the call is received, the correct address should be stated, the phone number so that contact could be made in case of difficulty finding the address. Until the arrival of the team, the doctor’s advice on the phone is acted upon and the health card and documentation of the sick are prepared.

All received calls are delivered in the section for dispensing calls where two dispatchers work which are handed over to the teams according to the place of the event and which team is closest. Disposal of calls involves working with a large amount of data or with the elements of an individual call and using available teams in an optimal way.

Dispatchers are medical workers who have many years of experience in the field, know the city and have the ability to quickly use the data in addition to adequate deployment of teams.
The process of receiving and handing over the call can take seconds to minutes depending on the applicant.

Medical teams
The field medical teams are composed of a doctor, a nurse / technician and a driver.
During the 24 hours, 365 days of emergency medical care are provided by about thirteen teams in the area of ​​the city of Tetovo and the surrounding municipalities.

In case of need, the number of teams increases. Each ambulance of the IMP Service is equipped with standard emergency medical equipment.

The Emergency Medical Service transports patients to the nearest hospital according to the doctor’s needs and assessment.

Medical security
The service provides medical provision of gatherings and events of various nature (sports, cultural, political). The security is performed at the request of the organizer of the events or gatherings and must be reported at least two days before the event.

Home treatment unit
Home treatment, the insured person realizes when hospital treatment is not necessary, on the recommendation of a specialist doctor.